Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Accessories week....

First of all - two belts, I love belts and these two were gems!! (50c each by the way - score!!).

And then, the cute little polka dot scarf ($1), light, not too long, not too short, just perfect! Actually the ladies in my local (haha....not like I've been doing this long) oppy pointed it out to me - they know I like sparkles, cherries and polka dots - am I that predictable? LOL....bless 'em.

I also picked up a HUGE black and white tiger print silk scarf, that I'm going to turn into a halter top.....let's see how that goes ($3).

Belt 1 - a vintage rainbow woven belt - I had one like this when I was a kid, not sure how I'm going to get away with wearing it now, but I was feeling kinda nostalgic, so into the wardrobe it goes.....

Belt 2.....the sparkles....I'm such a sucker for all things sparkly - I'm sure I was a magpie in a former life!
Are there any things that you are always on the look out for or do you just go shopping and see what takes your fancy?


ck4eva said...

I probably do both. I'm always on the lookout for certain things, but definitely keep an open mind. That's the great thing about opping - they're full of surprises!

Amanda said...

Great finds this week. I love polka dots too! x

ck4eva said...

Tag! You're it!

You've been tagged again! ;)
See my blog for details!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Hooray for polka dots!