Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ups and downs.....

The downs: Sophie fell into the corner of the deck on Sunday afternoon, split her lip open (top and bottom - no stitches thank God!!), and knocked a tooth back (so far it's staying in).....then developed an infection during the night Monday night and has hardly slept, ate or had much fun all week. She seems to be on the mend a bit now, the antibiotics seem to have kicked in. Spent most of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights in her bed comforting her and holding her while she cried herself to sleep.....poor bubba! (Thank goodness we forked out on her mattress though - it's really comfortable!!).

The ups: Due to not sleeping much, Sophie is chatting to herself late into the night (read 11/12pm!!). Last night, both hubby and I were exhausted and getting a bit frustrated that she just wouldn't go to sleep.....then we heard her singing.....the alphabet song - a,b, c, d....etc - so, so cute!! I didn't realise that she knew how to sing it and she sang it perfectly - all the letters in the right order and everything!! We were lying there listening to this tiny little voice singing out and both just filled with pride - it's moments like that that make it all worth it!! Then I said to her "Go to sleep Sophie" and she yells out "ok Mummy!".....wish it were that simple!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Polyvore Challenge......

Seen it about on a few friends blogs, so decided I'd jump on the bandwagon.

The challenge is: create an outfit based on jeans, a top and whatever accessories you want to add - what is your twist on this basic outfit? Show your personal style.

My outfit is classy and feminine with just a bit of quirk and sexiness - all that I aspire

Sunday, July 5, 2009

In a baking frenzy!

Have a friend coming over tomorrow, and will be baking carrot/ginger muffins with cream cheese icing and chocolate chip cookies....but the baking bug has hit me big time so I can't wait until tomorrow to get started!

Came across this fantastic recipe for super easy scones recently on a forum I frequent and will be making these today (in a few minutes actually!).

3 cups self raising flour
1 cup cream
1 cup lemonade (must be fizzy - doesn't matter if cold or room temp)

Mix all ingredients together to form a sticky dough. Cut into individual scones and bake at 220 degrees celcius for 10 minutes.

There you go - easy peasy! I'll report back on how yummy they are!! With pics if I can stand the wait!!