Monday, September 22, 2008

Aha! A breakthrough....

Bit of background......My dear hubby has this very strange phobia about preloved/vintage, okay, I'm just going to say it....'second hand' clothes. Which is a problem for me, because it is also combined with his almost fanatical, bordering on Scottish, tightness with money, so I can't buy new stuff because it's too expensive and I can't buy old stuff because it is 'used' and therefore in his mind somehow tainted....argh! Rock and hard place anyone?

Recently, having been tremendously inspired by an old friend Skye and a new friend Andrea....I have decided to do a bit of sneaky thrifting, under the guise of gathering dressup hats, handbags and assorted other bits and bobs for my little princess who is an accessorising guru already at 2.

Today...Day 1 and I think a wonderful find....I love summer and one thing I love about summer is cherries, and I found this gorgeous little cherry necklace....not sure about the necklace part, I think I'll find a little chain to hang it on, but isn't it cute? And it was only $3!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Discovered this super cool website - you put in a random (or specific) bunch of text and then press "go" and it makes a word collage for you!

See example here

Then you can press "randomize" and it selects different layouts, colours and fonts! How cool!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunshine = bliss!

I've decided that the weather definitely affects my mood. Last week - rain = grumpy me and stir crazy child, weekend - sunshine = happy me and happy child = wonderful weekend!!

Oh how I love summer - best season of all, I hang out for all the goodness that summer brings - bare legs, floaty fashions, watermelon, icecream by the beach, and just that divine sunkissed feeling that makes you feel blissful and relaxed.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Productive weekend

Well, I got my spring cleaning mojo on this weekend and actually DID some spring cleaning!! Also weeded the garden and sanded and painted the old dolls cot my Dad made me when I was a little tacker, to get it all ready for my little princess! She loves putting her dolls to 'ni-nighs' cute!

After a week of parties and dinners though, I think this week will be a restful week. Of course, that is heavily influenced by the fact that Spring came and went on the weekend - it's persisting down today!!

Oh well....good things don't always last....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Cake making....and eating!!

It's my daughter's 2nd birthday today and yesterday we made her cake (chocolate of course!!) and today I iced it. Both have been wonderfully calming activities strangely enough.

S is just getting to the stage where she is able to participate in 'helping' Mummy and it is so much fun!!

Now off to get ready for the party tonight!!