Monday, October 20, 2008

Finally something worth thrifting!!

The last week or so has been dismal pickings....just nothing inspiring....but today - 2 finds!

1) A gorgeous satin top with a little frill hem and lovely pintucking detail.....I can't resist satin in the daytime!! $2.50...(Still can't for the life of me figure out how to self-time AND look happy!)


2) Lovely knit top with softly frilled sleeves and a lovely gold thread throughout....covers my love of soft and feminine and sparkly all in one! $1.50. I'm sorry for the in the mirror photo, the self-timer was giving me the irrits!! This is paired with a cool pair of highwaist vintage jeans a friend thrifted and gave to me!


Chantelle said...

Great bargains and they look good on you too. :)

Sarah said...

$2.50, good bargain hunting on your part. you should look into getting a wireless remote for your camera and a tripod - i presume it's a dslr? i really recommend them, they're pretty cheap and you can get them for around $10 on ebay.

i've linked you by the way.

ck4eva said...

Gorgeous! Loving the white one especially! Wow! What a find!

mummabee said...

Sarah....thanks for the link!

We have a tripod and I hadn't even thought of using it - d'oh!! Will put that into practice with my next shots....thanks for the suggestions!

Amanda said...

Great finds Joanne! x