Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Being nice to ME!

Inspired by a friend's post....this week is all about being kind to myself. She pointed out that how you dress affects how you feel. So, my resolution is no more slopping around in my trackpants with scruffy hair and an old top on. Today I am wearing my nice jeans, my new fave cherry necklace and my gorgeous sparkly fitted cardigan. (Sorry about the photo.....I'm still learning about the self-timer feature on my camera!! I'm actually happy - honestly!!)

I've also done my nails (in pink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month). And you know what? I DO feel better about myself! Thanks Chantelle!!

What little things do you do to treat yourself? What makes you feel good about yourself?


Chantelle said...

Great post. :)

I love your hair. I've wanted a fringe like that for years but it never works for me.

What do I do to treat myself?
I am hopeless at painting my own nails so I get a manicure + pedicure. I have found a place up the road that does the best ones + they massage for what seems like forever. Perfect!

As for a 'free' treat I have a nice hot shower + wash my hair.

Thanks for the mention. xx

a cat of impossible colour said...

Hooray for you! You look lovely, and I am impressed at the groomed-ness of your nails - mine are not nice at all. :)

Kathryn said...

NICE colour!