Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kudos to our local cafe!!!

Popped into our local cafe after taking little S to an orthopaedic appointment at the hospital. We were in there for 3 hours and as part of that she had to have an x-ray of her hips and I had to pin her down (screaming - her not me....I was trying not to cry!).

It wasn't the most pleasant experience and she will have to have further tests, so I thought I'd do something nice for both of us and take us to lunch at the cafe. I ordered the ricotta and vegetable stack and it was very, very good and asked to see the 'Children's Menu' for S.

Now, this is a topic close to my heart - both hubby and I are foodies and do not feed her chicken nuggets, deep fried anything and assorted other food paraphenalia that is considered fun for children...so I must say I was dreading it. I chose the 'Kids Lunchbox' which sounded ok.

Ok? Did I say ok? Flippin' fantastic more like it!!!! I wish I'd taken a picture of it. Simple, edible food presented in an imaginative way, in a cute retro Bananas and Pajamas lunchbox. A ham and cheese sandwich (on grain bread +1 point for that!!), segments of orange, some grapes, a little juice box and a cute little retro melamine tumbler with just a few little chips in (the flat ones that don't have so much fat in them.....and they seemed more baked than deep fried to +1 point for that).

All in all I was terrifically impressed, and S actually ate almost all of it which is a darn sight better than she has been doing all week - so kudos, kudos, kudos to Urban Cafe in Tauranga!!! You rock!


ck4eva said...

Wow! That's fantastic! Where is this cafe?

mummabee said...

Right by the hospital (used to be called Sirens I think?) In that block of shops anyway....

Chantelle said...

Isn't that great! I love when people just get it.

Kids love to eat well. We just have to give them the option.

I hope S is alright. xx