Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Anniversary!

5 years today.....some days it feels like forever (in a good way) and in some ways it seems like we are always discovering something new about each other. Love you babe!

We were supposed to be going out to dinner tonight with Mum and Dad babysitting and I've been looking forward to it all week, but wouldn't you know it, this morning I wake up sick as the proverbial dog - must be a growth spurt in the bubba.....argh!

Will have to postpone it until the weekend and have a long leisurely lunch and maybe trawl some baby shops if I can convince hubby....lol

The 5th anniversary is traditionally wood, so I've bought him an olive tree and a gorgeous big terracotta pot to put it in until we move to a bigger house (this year hopefully!!). He's been wanting one for ages, and despite asking a million questions over the last few weeks, I hope he hasn't guessed what it is and is surprised!!


Katy said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie said...

Happy anniversary! Hope you feel better to enjoy it soon :)