Monday, June 22, 2009

OOPS! and Blog This Challenge #5

Everyone loves Holidays. Everyone has had a holiday - be it a great big backpacking adventure, a luxury weekend away,a caravan trek as a kid with the family taking in Big Bananas, Big Prawns, Big Pineapples et al, Camping in the neighbours yard under the stars for a few nights. Elaborately planned holidays, impromptu 'let's get out of here' holidays. Blog about a holiday you've had that stands out - adventure, relaxation, family, friends, disaster, hilarious events! Who were you with? Where did you go? What made it so memorable? Share a photo if you want!

Well I guess I've been a bit awol with the blogging challenges, somehow I keep missing out the announcement of the challenge and then forgetting to check....anyway....somehow we are up to challenge #5 and i thought I'd better jump back in!

This one's an easy one for me - the best holiday I can ever remember is one of the first family trips we went on. We had to get up at midnight and be shifted out to the car, which as a 7 year old is horrendously exciting in itself and then travelled all night to get to our destination, which was the not so nicely named Coffin Bay in South

On the surface, this holiday should have been an absolute disaster - miles from anywhere, no entertainment, no tv, rained the whole time, stuck in a little holiday house with my family and not even close to the beach......but it was wonderful. We talked, played games, painted and got time to just 'be' which was exquisite and rarely done! I have no photos from this holiday, except the pictures in my mind, which I often refer to on a rainy day.


Sarah said...

Camping is my idea of hell. I've been scarred for life by too many "find-yourself" high school camping experiences which involved march flies (those things hurt!), holes in the ground and waking up in a flooded tent. *shudder*

Nisha said...

Somehow the pictures in our minds are always the most precious ones.

mummabee said...

Sarah - believe me, camping is my idea of hell too! This was at least in a little holiday home.....much improved! I could tell some horror stories of camping....but I won't! :-)

Nisha - I agree totally.