Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ticked another item off the list!

Today, I did #5 - planted a garden with my daughter. It was so much fun. We dug out the old garden from a half barrel, then went to the garden centre and I gave her pretty much free rein to choose her own plants. I think she did a lovely job too - the colours all coordinate nicely. I also planted baby carrot seeds, and lemon thyme for a sensory experience, and bought a cute little green watering can. She is so proud to water her little garden, and I think it will be a lovely thing for her over the next little while to watch the seedlings come up and then eat the carrots!

Here is our efforts:

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ck4eva said...

What a great idea! She will learn a lot from looking after that garden! :) And that was so cool you let her choose the plants!!! Good on you!