Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Advice to my younger self.....

I had the most fascinating and eye-opening conversation with an old school friend yesterday, in which I discovered some very interesting things about our relationship back then which would have been very different if we knew the things we know about each other and the world in general now, and whilst lying awake last night, I was thinking - what advice would I give my younger self?

If you can put aside the obvious time travel restrictions and the serious creepiness of facing 'yourself' at a different time in your life......think with me......what would you say?

To my 10 year old self: "I know that moving to New Zealand from Australia seems like the end of the world, but you WILL cope, and you will make some fantastic friends who you will still be friends with in 20+ years (and that's not old you little smart alec!!)"

To my 15 year old self: "Live a little - study isn't all there is, the world is a big place and you need to learn world smarts as well as book smarts. And that boy does like you, be brave!"

To my 20 year old self: "Okay, enough with the living - slow down and smell the roses! You are burning the candle at both ends and the sides and you are going to crash!! Take one thing at a time and solve it, don't try to be everything to everybody - you can't please everyone!! Oh, and your body is fantastic - don't put yourself down - you won't be this skinny for a long time!!"

To my 30 year old self: "Being single is ok for now, the right man is coming along all in good time. Take time to be you. Get back to what matters - family and friends - reconnect yourself"

I'm only 34, but that seems like good advice for my younger self at those stages - now to find out how to time travel!!

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Pretty Little Pictures said...

It does sound like very sage advice - i gave up the burning the candle at both ends thing after my second year of university. You do end up growing out of it, and even thinking about my life a few years ago i feel exhausted. And, yes, the right man will pop along right when you don't expect it :)