Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Had a lovely Mother's Day.....hard to believe that next year I'll be a Mum of 2!

Having had a test run on Saturday with a 9am sleep in and then woken up with toast in bed (thanks hubby!), Sunday I was greeted by a sleepy little girl saying "Happy Birthday.......Happy Mother's Day Mummy" (with much prompting....lol) and presents!

We went out for breakfast, which was lovely, except that I was really in the mood for pancakes and they didn't serve them! Oh well, a fresh fruit salad and toast had to make do....haha.

Then we spent time with my gran and my parents - it's amazing to have 4 generations of females in our family to celebrate such occcasions with! Then in the afternoon I went shopping with my mum, sans child - a rare treat! We browsed, chatted and had coffee together - priceless! Ok, I also did some shopping.....but that was just a bonus.

All in all a lovely day spent with the people I love the most in the whole world - my family!!

On a side note though - it's suprising the number of cafes that DON'T serve pancakes - what, is it difficult? Or are they a casualty of the whole low carb lifestyle.....either way I think it's a silly idea!!

I'm kind of sick of the whole 'let's dictate how people eat' thing.....quite frankly I think there is a lack of personal discipline in eating and it is unfair for those who are able to control what and how they eat!!

Bring back the pancakes!! Ok, off my soap box now.....Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day and spoiled your mothers - they are very, very special women!!


Katy said...

Sounds like a fantastic day :D

I'm with you about pancakes - and it's not like they're hard for the cafe's to make either!!!

You'll have to go to Pancakes in Paradise one day, on the Gold Coast. Unlimited pancakes for $8.95. Yum!

Iris said...

Yeah, bring back the pancakes! They are a breakfast staple, any café sans pancakes should be regarded suspiciously..

mummabee said...

Iris - I totally agree!

Katy - that sounds like my idea of paradise!