Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunshine = bliss!

I've decided that the weather definitely affects my mood. Last week - rain = grumpy me and stir crazy child, weekend - sunshine = happy me and happy child = wonderful weekend!!

Oh how I love summer - best season of all, I hang out for all the goodness that summer brings - bare legs, floaty fashions, watermelon, icecream by the beach, and just that divine sunkissed feeling that makes you feel blissful and relaxed.


a cat of impossible colour said...

I agree completely! My mood skyrockets when the sun is out. I feel much more like myself in hot weather. Am seriously considering moving back to a hot climate again!

mummabee said... too! I'd love to move back to Australia, it's family that keeps me here.... :-) But summer IS on it's way, so I'll survive another