Thursday, August 14, 2008 baby is growing up!

Yesterday she got her first bank statement....and opened the envelope all by herself!! Today we went and put the money into said account. It had to be a family occasion, but I did stop myself from taking the camera - wouldn't that have been naf!!

Today we went to the park in the pouring rain - there were no queues for the play equipment and thus, no tantrums - thank God for raingear is all I can say!!

Loving all the new spring fashions out too - will be nice to inject some colour into my wardrobe - I wouldn't bother to show you what I'm wearing today - all black and grey!!

Today's musing.....why is it that the new fashions come out almost a full season ahead of when they are required? And for that matter, why the heck is there Christmas decorations being put up in September??? Well they were last year, probably see them next week.....LOL

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