Sunday, December 13, 2009

Me Time Monday - 14 December

We are officially in the countdown to Christmas mode in this house. Every day my three and a bit year old daughter wakes me up with the question "Is it Christmas yet?"'s kinda the yuletide version of "are we there yet?" and is repeated with alarming frequency for the rest of her waking hours...I'll be glad for the day when I can say "yes!!". And then it's all over too soon.

Personally, I love the whole festive frenzy - people rushing around the shops with a manic grin on their faces, carols ad nauseum, everything sparkly and bright.....ah, it's Christmas!! The weekend before last hubby and Sophie made a gingerbread house - it's the cutest thing and we've decided to open one present each on Christmas Eve and eat the gingerbread house and sing Christmas carols - it will be the start of our little family tradition.

I'm excited about Wesley's first Christmas too - he's only 7 weeks old, so he won't remember it, but I'll have fun with it all. Have bought him the cutest little bib that says "Mummy's little pudding" and a Santa hat - so adorable!! I'll try and capture a photo when he's awake and not feeding.

Right, well better go - have lots to do while the little man sleeps - see you next Monday!

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